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Ep. 168: Larry Williams Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Synopsis: Michael Covel speaks with trader and author Larry Williams. Williams has been in the trading game for over four decades. Covel and Williams discuss the IRS and Congress; targeting of individuals and groups by the government; facing the government in a court case and negotiating with the IRS; how Williams approached trading at the beginning, and his motivations to do so; how growing up in Montana affected Williams personally; how Williams came to run for Senate and his reasoning for doing so; the importance of speculation, and the difference between speculation and gambling; how Williams made the migration from stocks to thinking about futures; how Williams approached the emotional and money management sides of the equation; risk control; understanding what kind of system “fits” you best; the changing condition of markets; keeping it simple; the importance of learning from injury; and how Williams came to his Libertarian mindset. Larry Williams has a legendary name within trading circles. His grounded & calm reasoning will provide new traders confidence, and experienced traders those needed reminders. Free trend following DVD:

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7 comments on “Ep. 168: Larry Williams Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
  1. Chris Grande says:

    this was a great interview – thanks Michael!

  2. james pierson says:

    been using one of larry’s simple trading ideas for the last 35 years..still works..great interview

  3. tech trader says:

    James can you please describe what idea have you been trading for the last 35 years?

  4. james says:

    yes..1. add up the “true” trading range for the last five days — divide by five 2. multiply that number by 75% 3. add that number to the previous close for a buy signal and subtract it from the previous close for the sell signal.NOTE:i only trade one contract and you are only long or short once–ie. to start wait for a buy or sell signal and take the NEXT signal to reverse. once your in the market only reverse and use the opposite signal for your stop..i trade us 30yr, soybeans, sf and eminis.

  5. Jack Rhoades says:

    Just doing 30 minute moving average blogging/trading on Global Futures/ETF in Culpeper, Va in case you ever come back to Virginia…enjoying your stuff.540-825-9075

  6. Fred says:

    In my opinion, this was one of Michael’s top ten interviews.

  7. rigardo says:

    Hi James, is “sf” Swiss Frank (USDCHF)? Do you reverse the same day if required on only next day depending on new signals?

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