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“One day I will be a Turtle…”

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Hi Michael,

I’m a new big fan I just purchased your 4 books: Trend Following, Trend Commandments, The Little Book of Trading and The Complete TurtleTrader, I am currently reading Trend Following and I am enjoying it immensely. The first one in the above list..

I have spent more [than] $30k on technical analysis courses and books that mainly focus on W.D Gann. I have never been able to get it working consistently and have taken some big hits along the way with forecasts that have done, the market reacts but sometimes on for a day… I can forecast but not trade!

You mentioned in one of your podcasts that I have just listened to that you would provide a list of steps and a video to guide me on my way. Trading is something I really want to get working as I work for a fortune 500 IT company and I am tiered of the “will I have a job in 6 months” uncertainty.

I have a lot of work ahead of me understanding your work, from the outset it seems the most logical and constant. And will teach me to actually trade.

One day I will be a turtle.

Kind Regards,

Those steps are on the way!

Trend Following

Trend Following

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