Where Should Beginning Trend Followers Start?

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Hello, I am currently a college student, and am very interested in learning about stock trading. I just listened to your interview on the Tropical MBA podcast, and it was great! As someone who is new to stock trading, with little experience, where should I start? Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Adam D.

Three places:

1. Resources here: trendfollowing.com/resources
2. Training here: trendfollowing.com/products
3. Podcast here: trendfollowing.com/podcasts

That should get you started. Plus, books.

You might like my 2017 epic release: Trend Following: How to Make a Fortune in Bull, Bear and Black Swan Markets (Fifth Edition). Revised and extended with twice as much content. Out April 24th 2017.

One thought on “Where Should Beginning Trend Followers Start?

  1. Michael: Your 3 recommendations are perfect for the beginner. They will require spending time and effort, but the question is, will the beginner work at it. I do the work for my subscribers and it works for the people who are very busy. I tell them when to get in and when to get out. I send Newsletters twice a week, but you know that!!!

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