Market Wizard David Harding

  • Harding: trader 20+ years.
  • Europe’s most successful trend follower.
  • Earned fortune of $500M+.
  • Interview in London, UK.
  • DVD only available in trading systems courses.

David Harding is Winton Capital’s founder, Managing Director and Head of Research. He is one of the pioneers of trend-following systematic trading in Europe with an established track record. In 1987 Harding co-founded Adam Harding & Lueck (AHL), a quantitative fund manager, which was later acquired by Man Group plc where it remains the company’s flagship fund. Harding’s Winton executes a systematic trading program in which it can hold long or short positions in over 100 futures markets around the world. The program blends short-term trades with long-term trend following, incorporating both multiple time frames and systems. The company pursues a diversified trading strategy which does not rely on favorable conditions in any particular market or on general appreciation of asset values. Winton Capital Management began trading in October 1997 from a small office in Kensington with three employees and less than US$2 million in assets under management. By January 2009 Winton employed over 180 staff and had over $12 billion in assets under management.

The 76-Minute David Harding mentoring DVD was conducted by Michael Covel. It is a one of a kind unique conversation with one of the most successful trend following traders of our generation. If Jack Schwager’s classic “Market Wizards” book was published today Harding’s track record would have firmly established him side by side with the great Market Wizards of the past.

The Harding mentoring DVD is NOT a conversation about forecasts, predictions or what the FED or the President may or may not do next week. The mentoring DVD, like all of our Market Wizard mentoring DVDs, covers the timeless principles, psychology and techniques that enabled Harding to achieve his monster success. It is must viewing for anyone seeking to model how Harding thinks and acts.

Note: David Harding is featured in Michael Covel’s book Trend Following.

All (6) of our system trading courses are the same except for the following critical differences listed here in our features comparison.

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