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Michael: After listening to many of your podcasts, I finally took your advice and wrote a nice review on iTunes. I have never done that before, let me know if it doesn’t work. I signed it “[Name].” I believe you said you might send over some free stuff on trend following – please e-mail that over if the offer still stands. Also, it is worth disclosing that I spent [number] years working at [name of famed trend following firm] and two years ago left [name of famed trend following firm] to help my largest client start his [name] company bringing low correlating strategies into daily liquid mutual funds. The name of my company is [Name] Funds. We have 5 underlying funds presently. We have raised quite a bit, or are in the process of raising quite a bit, for [name of famed trend following firm], [name of famed trading firm], and [name of famed trend following firm]. If you ever want to interview an executive at one of these underlying money managers I am happy to send an e-mail on your behalf. However, I know all [names] are rather secretive. Keep up the good work Michael. If you are ever in NYC and want to grab a drink/dinner, please let me know as it would be my honor.


Thanks, I can send over DVD and CD, but need a mailing address. On interviews? That would be great. Years back I spent the afternoon with [one of names] down in [location]. Also, spent time with [one of names] in his [location] office. Both interviews never became part of a book project so would love to make it up to them and give them a great interview for podcast. Yes, would love to have [name] on too.

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