Something For Nothing

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I received your letter which was very inspiring to say the least. But, I must say, I have read dozens of letters before just like yours that say the same thing. I really enjoy reading them because everyone has an angle. Now, I’m reading your book “Trend Following” and also purchased “The Complete TurtleTrader” which I plan to read next. I am very determined to make trading a successful endeavor therefore I take in as much information as I possibly can. Anyway, to make a long story short. I believe you–that your trading systems are successful. But, I got an offer for you. Give me the training and AFTER I become a successful trader, I will pay you for the lessons. I think that’s fair. That way I will have piece of mind and you have this email as proof that I said I will pay you after the training is successful. Thanks for your time.
Clint [Name]

There is a fee for the specialized education provided beyond inexpensive books, free podcast, etc. It’s the same for everyone. I give people the chance for success, the opportunity to put the probabilities on their side, but there can be no promise of certain gains.

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