There Is Clarity in the Mish Mash

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Mike a thought provoking and great podcast. Making the link between an ex Russian spy, a K-Pop idol and David Harding back to TF–seems as good as any Stephen Gaghan’s screenwriting.


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One thought on “There Is Clarity in the Mish Mash

  1. Michael: I made about 50% trading the NYSE RIX in the past 12 months. How did you do?

    I trade ULPIX when I am on a Buy Signal. It is 2 times the S&P 500. It is a ProFund.

    S&P 500 %Gain ULPIX %Gain
    Buy 6-14-12 1,329.10 42.74
    Sell 11-9-12 1,379.85 +3.76% 45.94 +7.49%
    Buy 11-26-12 1,406.29 47.76
    Sell 6-3-13 1,640.42 +16.6% 65.10 +36.31%
    Buy 7-9-13 1,652.62 66.00
    Sell 8-8-13 1,697.48 +2.7% 69.68 +5.58%

    I do not recommend leveraged or short positions to my subscribers.

    Jim Rohrbach, RIA

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