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Acquire trend following trading systems with full training. Profit in bull, bear & black swan markets across stocks, bonds, commodities, FX, ETFs, futures, LEAPS, energies, agriculturals, metals & softs:

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"I wanted to know if you could do it from outside the markets looking in. 'Could you be on a desert island and make money trading?' was the question I was asking myself...Our sort of approach [trend following] to markets is a science. It is an unpublished science, but it is a real one."
Source: David Harding

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Proof & Inspiration Across Market Wizards

Trend following has delivered strong returns for more than a century across all economic environments in both up & down markets. Results exceptionally strong during equity bear & black swan markets:

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"...Trend following has existed for a very long time. Some 200 years ago David Ricardo's imperative to 'cut short your losses' and 'let your profits run on' suggests an attention to trends. We find that trend-following has delivered strong positive returns...for more than a century."
Source: AQR Capital Management

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A Teaching Track Record for Over 10 Years

Our loyal students include new traders, college students, pro traders, commodity trading advisers, commodity pool operators, hedge funds, family offices, venture capitalists, retirement plan sponsors, RIA’s, CPA’s, CFP’s, financial planners, brokers, CFO’s, web designers, SEO experts, lawyers, universities, consultants, authors, farmers, and just about everyone else in-between:

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All Markets & Countries

Trend following is for all investors & traders in all countries. Strategies can be applied to diversified portfolios with zero fundamental market expertise. The secret? Trend following works in one of two ways: trade your home country markets only or trade a global portfolio. The good news? You can choose either. Trend following is the truest form of location independent trading--you can be anywhere:

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Be Inspired by the Great Ones

A sampling of great trend following traders:

Bill Dunn
Ed Seykota
David Harding
Salem Abraham
Larry Hite
Kevin Bruce
Richard Donchian
Gary Davis
John W. Henry
Hall of Fame Performance

Hall of Fame performance here.

The Under the Radar Hit

Michael Covel is the voice behind Trend Following Radio, as well as the bestselling author of 5 books. His podcast is the underground alternative hit that has reached as high as #2 on iTunes investing channel. It now reaches listeners in 177 countries/territories with 1.6 million listens:

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Michael Covel Speaks with Great Minds

Nobel Prize winners in economics, legendary traders and bestselling authors--Michael Covel brings the special guests on his show giving listeners a unique learning and entertaining experience. This is not teleprompter reading CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC or Fox. This is long form, no soundbites and dig into the details:

• D. Kahneman (Nobel): L | W
• V. Smith (Nobel): L | W
• Ed Seykota: L | W
• Gerd Gigerenzer: L | W
• Dan Ariely: L | W
• Jack Schwager: L | W
• Michael Mauboussin: L | W
• Larry Williams: L | W
• Tom DeMark: L | W
• Tom Basso: L | W
• Yaron Brook: L | W
• Jerry Parker: L | W
• Mebane Faber: L | W
• Barry Ritholtz: L | W
• James Altucher: L | W
• Robert Greene: L | W
• Ryan Holiday: L | W
• Alexander Elder: L | W
• Charles Faulkner: L | W
• Gerald Celente: L | W
• Peter Borish: L | W
• Jack Horner: L | W
• John Bollinger: L | W
• Peter Schiff: L | W
• Ralph Vince: L | W
• Harry Binswanger: L | W
• Dylan Evans: L | W
• Richard Noble: L | W
• Barry Schwartz: L | W

L=Listen. W=Wikipedia.

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Thousands Helped to Trend Trade

"I have been trading for many years and doing okay but my method was not systematic enough and too stock focused. I decided that I needed to up my game and ran across a reference to Trend Following while reading another book. I decided to contact Mike after reading the book and decided to work with him one on one. This experience has put me in a new league and really helped me focus on my weak areas which were risk management and portfolio selection. I would recommend any trader who is not where they want to be to start with Mike and the Trend Following book, website and course material."
Steve Beamer

"I am a big fan of Michael Covel. What impresses me the most is his single minded determination to get his message out regarding his central theme: trend following works. His books provide plentiful evidence of long term superior performance by numerous trend following traders. He doesn’t coddle his readers with pep talk–that’s not his style. Instead he says “if you’re going to try to make money in what might be the world’s hardest profession, why not take a studied look at how some of the most successful traders got that way and emulate their behavior?” And talk about a bargain–he’s done the arduous work compiling track records, picking the minds of sometimes elusive superior traders and then distilling all the data down into thoroughly useful, readable text. What tremendous value for a few bucks. And then, because Michael understands his role as a gifted entrepreneur, he goes the next step by providing guidance and tools to would be traders utilizing the internet and a variety of affordable trend following trading courses. I traded my first futures contract in 1969 and spent my professional career in the futures industry until my retirement in 2001. Through the years I have been asked many times for advice about how to attempt to be a successful trader. My answer now–read and apply Covel."
Jack Zaner

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