The Original Turtle Ad Still Raises Skepticism?

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Michael, I want to start off by saying thank you for all of your work. I’m a big fan and have read your four books as well as seen the documentary. I’m listening to podcast # 75 as I write this “Understanding David Harding” and I like what I hear, not surprisingly. I had a bit of a favor to ask, quite honestly. I am in the middle of a debate with a mentor of mine (a man with 30+ years of fundamental investment experience, former finance prof, MBA, author etc…) and although I value his opinion mightily he is skeptical of the pure technical/quantitative approach to investing. I have convinced him to pick up a copy of Trend Following so hopefully that will open up a broad new discussion for us.

I recently told him about the Turtle story and how it turned my former views of technical analysis upside down (the story also hits close to home because a college friend of mine actually interned at Jerry Parker’s firm back in 08-09…it’s crazy how that six degrees of separation thing works).

Long story short, do you happen to know where I could find a copy of the original ad that Rich Dennis took out in Barron’s and the WSJ? My mentor is in “show me” mode and wants to see the original ad–which I certainly don’t fault him for. Any help you could provide to assist would be appreciated. Thanks again for your dedication and I hope you will continue to fight the good fight for years to come.


The original ad can also be found here.

Thanks Mike. I have seen the ad on your website, although I was wondering if you knew of a first generation source where I could perhaps find a scan/archive of the original? Maybe the same place where you were able to pull that screenshot? Sorry to bug you, but I know that my friend will want to see an original source. As an objectivist and natural skeptic yourself I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from.


Not buying this story now. I wrote a whole book (The Complete TurtleTrader) on the subject that goes along with the ad. If your friend is not buying that ad copy sent as real, and my book, he is not a skeptic, he is a [fill in the blank].

Addendum: I don’t advise on how to use a library microfiche system.

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One thought on “The Original Turtle Ad Still Raises Skepticism?

  1. Eric,

    “Show me” mode is great; one cannot argue with results. So stop wasting your breath and, more importantly, time on your friend. Do this instead: Implement your own trend following system. Enjoy. And if you’re so moved, check in with your friend every so many years and humbly share your returns (try not to boast).

    It’s okay – seriously – don’t waste your time on these countless [fill in the blanks]. Live your life, trend follow and thrive. It may very well take longer than our financial system will exist before the masses catch on because, let’s face it, Trend Following puts CNBC et al out of business. Aristotle and Ptolemy held the Earth was at the center of the solar system for over 2,000 years before Copernicus (and people actually believed it).

    Very Respectfully,

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