Reading Charts Is Like Reading Music

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, Thank you for the free copy of Broke, the additional trend following video, the podcast and the free resources that you have posted on your websites. I found out about you by borrowing an audiobook, “The Little Book of Trading” from the library. If it was a record, the grooves would have been worn out. I purchased the Kindle two pack of Trend Following and Trend Commandments. As soon as I’ve completed those, I will definitely be purchasing The Complete TurtleTrader, The Little Book of Trading and Trend Following Analytics. Hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to take your flagship trading course. Using technicals and price action is like reading music to me. There are a lot of similarities. Trend following requires that a person “mechanically” trade a system according to what the stock chart does. A good musician can sit down to a piece of music that they’ve never seen before and play the music accurately. While that musician didn’t write the music, they can “mechanically” and automatically react to what the music chart tells them to do. I’ve attached a PDF diagram that I made to show the similarities. Lastly, if you’re ever around Virginia Beach or Churchville, VA (South of Harrisonburg) and want a free dinner, give me a call. I’ve got a place by the beach and in the mountains so I can catch up with you on either side of the state. There are great restaurants in both areas. This offer is not for me to pick your brain or bother you with trend following questions but to say “Thanks” for doing what you do and perhaps make another friend in this crazy world. Keep up the good fight, Christopher

Thanks Chris. My 97-year-old grandmother lives in Suffolk, but I am in Vietnam at the moment! I just may take you up on the offer when I return to the states.

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