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Clarity of Purpose Leads to Trend Following Success

That is typical investing and the end result is brutal:

46% of seniors in the U.S. have less than $10,000 in financial assets when they die.1 Worse et? This infographic.

This cartoon and this Matrix-like view of technology’s eradication of the need for human capital are even more brutal (and dead true). Further, how did it reach the point that millions actually believe politicians can fix their economic lives via a vote?

Now that the playing field is crystal clear–what is the work around? What is the solution?

You are here to figure out a better way to make the big money and control downside risk. To get there you need a step-by-step blueprint. That’s how we help students, investors and advisors. Our specialty is trend following trading and that first starts with a process, not results. Consider a non-trading example to illustrate:

Instead of talking about wins and championships, Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban speaks about the process. The process is Saban’s term for concentrating on the steps to success rather than worrying about the end result. Instead of thinking about the scoreboard, think about dominating the man on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage. Instead of thinking about a conference title, think about finishing a ninth rep in the weight room. Since Saban has won three of the past nine BCS titles, the phrase has morphed into the mission statement for Saban’s program-building philosophy. Today everyone is trying to replicate his philosophy and results. Call it the Sabanization of college football2.

Michael Covel knows the pulse and process of winning market strategies. He has spent 15 years learning from the great trend following traders and is considered the curator of the largest trend following research library. His firm has now taught and helped thousand of students worldwide in 70+ countries to make money in up and down markets: beginners, ordinary people and professionals who trade stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, metals, grains, futures, ETFs and LEAPs®. However, first consider truths he has learned along the way. If you can’t accept these principles stop now:

  • Clarity of purpose leads to success. What is essential? Eliminate the rest with precise rules.
  • Learn to love systematic and consistent processes. Consider this video.
  • Stress is a killer. Multitasking will fry you. Focus on the right task, not every last one. Consider this infographic.
  • Idleness can be a great investment. Excessive hard work is counterproductive, i.e. watching a screen all day is pointless.
  • The religious rituals of the finance sector designed to make you believe will bleed you out dry.
  • Go on an immediate information diet. Information overload ruins your brain. Why? The news media systematically misleads. It is irrelevant, toxic to the body, limits understanding, inhibits thinking and manipulates. Do you disagree?
  • Thinking requires concentration. Concentration requires uninterrupted time.
  • If you really want to be good at something stop wasting time exhausting yourself. Being busy for the sake of just being busy is a vicious circle to nowhere. You trap yourself on a gerbil treadmill.
  • Allow yourself some time to become proficient. Practice is ok. Consider this infographic.
  • Bad advice is more popular than ever, but quick fixes for complex problems are a recipe for failure.
  • Do nothing until you have a great move with big potential. Patience. Consider this video.

The authorities in charge, however, don’t want that kind of thinking or action. They don’t want you awake:

The dangers of academic deification are numerous. Those who dominate the educational language of the times control who is accepted and who is rejected, not by measure of intelligence or skill, but by their willingness to conform to the establishment ideal. They construct a kind of automaton class, which has been taught not to learn independently, but to parrot propaganda without question. Those of us who do not make the grade are relegated to the role of obliged worshippers; accepting the claims of the professional class as gospel regardless of how incorrect they happen to be. The whole thing is disgustingly inbred3.

Trend following is not a moneymaking system that the gatekeepers want you to practice. It hurts the brokers, CNBC, Bloomberg and mutual funds. It puts the power in your hands. They don’t get their fees anymore.

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