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“I can’t even figure out what ‘Dollars per point’ means…”

Feedback in:


Do I need to know that the authors back-testing the history of the potential success of trend following have their suspicions about the negative contributions of a strong mean-reversion on the prediction of large Sn values, or that they tried to model a non-linear saturation through a hyperbolic tangent, or can I accept that their research shows that their is great potential for making money by trend following.

Would it also be safe to assume that of the remaining ’turtles’ chosen by Richard DENNIS and Bill ECKHARDT, who succeeded in making serious money from trend trading, were NOT your average person, but were ‘savants’ in some way, shape or form; like Benjamin GRAHAM, Warren BUFFET, Jeff BEZOS, Elon MUSK, probably even Bill DUNN (I’m guessing mathematics). Yes, from their perspective, anyone can achieve what they’ve achieved, because they think they’re the ’normal’ person, the ‘average’ guy, when clearly they are not. They are the people that help create the average, else we’d all be at the far right of the normal distribution curve; if that’s statistically possible.

I can’t even figure out what ‘Dollars per point’ means; or how to calculate the Previous Day’s ’N’ (PDN) if you need to calculate the ’N’ in order to calculate the Previous Day’s ’N’.

How was the first ever value of ’N’ ever calculated if there was no PDN.

But, I’ll keep reading, nonetheless.


I would stop reading. With that attitude you have no chance.

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