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“I have always been more of a process guy. Do “A” and then “B” will happen. With the Markets I need to adjust my thinking…”

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Hi Michael,

Greetings to you in Vietnam from only a short hop away in the Philippines. Over the past 12-15 months it has become abundantly clear that I must begin to create my own economy. The past 25-30 years has been spent in the aviation/airline industry. I could go on, but it would be preaching to the choir.

I am new to trading and have had limited exposure prior to early 2020. Luckily, I attended a trading seminar by an individual that suggested there may be a downturn sometime in the first quarter of 2020. Though the suggestion at the Seminar saved my 401k from the down turn and I was able to get back in shortly after the bottom, I was not able to embrace the system for trading.

I ran across your website a couple of months ago and a light bulb went off. To your point (What is my biggest Challenge?), I have always been more of a process guy. Do “A” and then “B” will happen. With the Markets I need to adjust my thinking. “What you think will happen, will only do so ‘some’ of the time.” Strike outs happen and that is part of the game.

I have devoured your Turtle Trader book, Trend Following book and many of your podcasts. The psychology in those are outstanding. In an effort to better understand trend development a little more, I have been manually back testing those S-2 rules outlined in the Turtle Trader.

I believe it’s time for the next step and start on your Flagship Trend Following Investment System. That will probably be this weekend.

Thanks for all of the information you put out and as Tom Basso says… Enjoy the ride!

Chad W

You are welcome!

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