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Ep. 950: Will Cole Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Will Cole
Will Cole

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My guest today is Dr. Will Cole. He graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. He has his post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through The Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University.

The topic is his book Intuitive Fasting: The Flexible Four-Week Intermittent Fasting Plan to Recharge Your Metabolism and Renew Your Health.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Obesity in the United States
  • Understanding Chronic Metabolic
  • The Concept of Intermittent Fasting
  • Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
  • Intermittent Fasting Schedules
  • 12:12 Fasting
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Foods
  • The Egg Diet
  • Glamorizing Obesity

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