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“I trade numerous markets including forex, crypto, commodities and metals…”

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I have no bullish or bearish bias when analyzing the markets, nor do I base any of my trades using a fundamental approach. I simply follow my technical analysis. I utilize multiple time frame analyses including the Daily and 4-hour time frames however, in some cases I employ the weekly time frame to provide me with a better perspective of market movement although, I never execute off the weekly time frame. I only buy when the price is above the 200 periods MA and sell when the price is below the 200 MA. I identify horizontal ranges on the daily time frame and wait for the price to come in close proximity with the support or resistance (which I identify using the 200, 50 and 20 period MA when they align). Once the price has reached these areas of value I use the daily and 4 hour time frames to identify tight consolidations using minor support/resistance levels, I then wait for a break of structure on the 4 hours characterized by an engulfing candle or an engulfing candle variation and enter the trade when I receive that confirmation. I also trade pullbacks in a similar fashion using the break of structure on a 4-hour time frame. I place my stops 1 ATR below the area of value or swing low. I use these concepts simultaneously with simple chart patterns such as (Double bottoms/tops, Head & Shoulders bottoms/tops as well as ascending and descending triangles) to identify if it is a higher probability trade. I trade numerous markets including Forex, Crypto, Commodities, and Metals and risk 1% of my capital on each trade. I hope this brief description answers your questions however, if it doesn’t I’m happy to explain in more detail if it helps.
Jame G.

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