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“Thanks for the work you have done with the podcast…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael:

I have just finished your first episode on your podcast I realize it’s now 8 years old but I’ve just discovered it at the end of your episode you said to send an email and you will send the trend following steps and a video. Thanks for the work you have done with the pod.


After hearing Larry Hite–he rang very loudly to me. His overall method/strategy sounded very appealing. I am 43-years old am a sports commentator in Australia who due to a poor investment I am back to square one. In your view does your course supply me with enough content to get started in this field and build on my skill from there. In other words where is the course designed to have you situated at the end of 18 months.


B. Y.

You will be a trend following trader. Ready to go. Full understanding. Full systems. In a position to profit, but you will get there much sooner than 18 months.

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