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“My biggest problem is focus…”

Trend Following Moment of Now
Trend Following Moment of Now

Feedback in:

My biggest problem is focus. It’s hard for me to stay focused on the market and on educating myself, or anything else for that matter. My mind is always filled with a million other things going on at work and at home. I have been in and out of trading for the past 25 years, and my best years are when I break even. I work 14 hours a day 7 days a week and don’t have much energy to focus on reading a book or a computer screen and end up trying to take shortcuts or listen to ill advice. I do travel a lot and it seems to be the only time I get anything done is my time between work projects, which means either sitting in an airport or on a plane.

Also, I have no support system, not at home or friends. They all think it is gambling, so I don’t talk about it to anyone because I’m tired of the negativity.

Any suggestions?



If you can’t control your time to learn something new… I have no suggestions.

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