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“You just save me $3,000.00…”

Up and Down
Up and Down

Feedback in:

Mike, I’m not qualified to test you, but I’ll wholeheartedly agree to the view appeal to your spokesmodel(s)! My biggest challenge in the market was being able to guess which stock was going to split with [name]. You just save me $3,000.00, (by the testimonial speaking NO to hardware / software), via pitches of laptops and 4 monitors from Eddie Z. Thank you! Am trained as a telecom engineer and as a C – 130 B Hercules Flight Engineer… saying that to say that I’m used to planning the outbound, as well as return trip before putting ANY bird in the air. You’ll get no push back from me relating to making a trading plan and executing that plan. Have your Turtle Traders and just ordering Hite’s book on Amazon. Look forward to your coaching.

Dan S.


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