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“I’ve been trying to gather as much information that I can on Trend Following…”

Michael Covel
Michael Covel

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Listening to the interview with you and Dan Ferris. He’s such a good interviewer and you’re such a good interviewee. You’re such a good interviewer too, probably one of my favorite but to get someone good at interviewing and he interviews you. I think I finally get you. I might actually be a trend follower after all I just don’t know it yet. Buy and hold is dead. I’m a value investor but not a buy and hold. I’ve got my MACD and my stochastics and moving averages. I hear Baron Rothschild’s quote of the only thing he was guilty of was getting out a little too early. But the inverse is true of getting in just a little late. You can’t time the top and you can’t time the bottom. The thing that really got me with this interview was the 1% positions. It’s the skin in the game concept (which I haven’t read yet). You can’t have those Tesla gains if you don’t get your 1% position. With the 1% (just for example. With the turtles if they got massive upward movement with 1% they might add to that %) I probably won’t mind having a small position or two of non value as long as it seems like it’s trending.
Good show interview again.



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Hello Michael,

I just recently first heard about you on the Investor Hour podcast with Dan Ferris. I’ve been trying to gather as much information that I can on Trend Following. I NEED to change everything I’ve ever done with my investing and wanted to get your video on how to get started.

Thanks so much!


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