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“I’d really be surprised if someone like you took time to read this…”

Feedback in:

I’d really be surprised if someone like you took time to read this, but we all just get one chance, so I might as well try and ask. I’m an Philosophy major from Slovakia, who got intrigued by the idea of, at first, trading, then trend-following. Wanting to implement my own strategies, I learned to code. Which also made it possible for me to land a developer job at a large corporation. Anyway unlike devs abroad, I’m not able to save more than say 200 bucks a month. With that little money it seems hard to be able to trade huge amount of markets if you risk 1% per trade. I’ve reached out to one hedge fund, just to find out their minimum is 100k. Then I’ve heard you mention Stash app, tried that, but its only available in the US. Am I just plain stupid for trying to find a way to do this with this little money or is there any way? Is this only a game for large players, who firstly made something of themselves and then want to invest that?

I’ve also tried launching my own subscription based website, to get the ball rolling. Took me 1 year to develop and finish completely, didn’t go anywhere. I guess I just have to try harder next time around, and my mistake was focusing on Slovakia (it’s just 6 million people, third of whom are not probably capable even browsing internet).

It’s probably not much, but at least I’ll comment on iTunes.

Thanks for reaching out. Read to start.

Then read more of the links/pages all over.

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