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“I have listened to just about every podcast that you have recorded…”

Feedback in…


I have listened to just about every podcast that you have recorded. In many you mention how college is not worth the price of admission. I always agreed with you, but it wasn’t until my oldest now a junior in high school, did I realize how high the cost of admission is!

The system is broken, and has been for some time. Forgiving students of their debts isn’t the answer. It doesn’t change the cost of entry. I live in NJ and our state schools aren’t a bargain. The cost in state is the same as an out of state student at another program. The short of it is, it will cost 50k to go to a state program and 70k to a private. So you are talking a minimum 200k and a max 280k for an undergrad degree!!! Not many entry level positions will pay enough to recover this type of cost. If the student goes into debt to pay this, the debt will be similar to a mortgage!

Heaven forbid that you have more than one child. We started planning at birth, but could not keep up with the inflation of tuition. Costs have basically doubled in the past 10-12 years. I don’t know what the answer is, maybe some kind of certificate program is a better way to go, instead of getting a bachelor’s degree. Online makes the most sense to me, but most 18 year olds need to live on their own for a bit to grow the fuck up.

I am not sure what this rant will accomplish, not even sure why I started it. But you are correct the system is completely broken. It needs a drastic over haul. I don’t know what that over haul is, but something needs to be done.

Chris C.

Government won’t be the savior… you will be.

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