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“Gray hair has stopped a lot of foolishness…”


So many idiots seem to think 65% winning trades never vary from 2 to 1. Well look I’ve had 5 losers out 10, this doesn’t work. Yeah it’s probably “different this time too” Janet Yellen said so.

Have your book, haven’t read much of it yet but will. Read some on your website, Youtubes etc. All have been good, no BS. Discipline is most people’s problem that I see. Over trade/fear myself included. Gray hair has stopped a lot of foolishness or maybe the foolishness gave me gray hair. Energy been hard to trade with politics lately but most markets behaving. Grains never seem to trend well for me spend too long consolidating. Like to stay in continuously long or short, been hard to do with grains so seldom trade them.

Good Luck with your endeavors.

Ken H.

Thanks, but I might suggest tightening up that system. Loose sounding. Even more food for thought.

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