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“I am also going through all your podcasts…”

Feedback in:

Hello Mr. Covel

My name is [name] and I bring news that word of Trend Following has reached as far as north as Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. I am writing you to sincerely thank you for all your work, as you have changed my life by shattering any illusions I had of working for the next 40 years in hopes that there will be some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, i.e. retirement/pensions. I initially bought Turtle Trader on Audible, which prompted me to buy not one but two copies of Trend Following, ebook and hard copy. My current front runner for strategies is the [name] rule since it is easy to implement on my trading platform.

I started simulating in January of this year and continue to do so, while slowly easing into putting on positions with my own money. I am currently an account holder with [name], which gives me exposure to 100-150 markets to track, read simulate without risking the inevitable draw downs. I focus on currencies, commodities and indices, since those are the most accessible markets with my broker, and most liquid for a beginner like myself.

I am also going through all your podcasts, currently on episode 73, they are an excellent supplement to my reading providing insight from those who have come before me. I am currently struggling with setting stops so that I don’t wipe out, while giving the position “room to breathe” and perform. I still have much to catch up on as I am late to the party, but somehow still earlier than most people my age and even older. Thank you again for all you do, as for the nay sayers out there, like we say in the Yukon, “fuck’em.”

Best Regards,

Thanks! Yes, fuck ’em.

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