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“I would appreciate any guidance you have in helping me reach my goals…”

Feedback in:

Hi Mike,

Came across your book TF thru Ed Seykota website, read reviews and learned about turtle trader. Checked if your website is legit—that it’s really you then read around. thanks for the first video, been reading some so the video sounded more familiar. Will keep on reading and go through the 2nd stuff you sent, thanks again and plans to buy the turtle trader book on kindle. You don’t know how much I appreciate all your help, but I’m going to continue reading the stuff on your site and the ones you’re sending as well. I’m thinking of getting the flagship but later maybe, hope I’m doing it right.

Thanks again!

More feedback:

Hi Michael,

The greatest challenge so far in my trading career of 2 months has been information overload and impatience. I was a high school English teacher and principal for 18 years and then ran into some political challenges forcing me to leave the field. For the past year, I tried my hand at financial planning but dislike the sales aspect of the job and have been running low on funds and options. Just recently, I have begun trading a 10,000 account using stock pickers services from Jeff Bishop and Tom Gentile, but my entries and scouts are poor and I’m down 7000. I am really looking for a system and a mentor to help me truly learn the trading game, so that I can make 500,000 per year trading in order to create an amazing life for my 3 children and so that I may return to education by teaching young people of all backgrounds how to invest, trade and become wealthy as well. I would appreciate any guidance you have in helping me reach my goals. I’m really excited to hear from you, Michael!

Adam B.

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