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“I’ve used Elliot Waves a lot in the past and now I can’t help but count waves…”

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Hi Micheal,

I love the content you put out. You’ve always been a great inspiration to me. I guess my biggest hurdle is my own mind. I look at charts and my mind automatically goes to TA patterns. I’ve used Elliott Waves a lot in the past and now I can’t help but count waves when looking at a chart. This leads me to try to forecast what comes next thereby pushing me to needlessly jump in and out of positions. I realize its a barrier that i must over come if I want to be a successful trend follower. I know trading does not have to be complicated and I should just let the market tell me what to do instead of telling it what it will do next, but in my case, it seems to be easier said than done.


Elliott Waves are junk science.

Stop that.


Start here.

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