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“Planning to add trend trading as a second enterprise…”

Feedback in:


I greatly enjoy your podcasts and your books. Planning to add trend trading as a second enterprise as soon as I feel comfortable with the process and have practiced a year. We raise cattle and beef for a living and a little crop farming. Have a degree in ag econ and finance and understand the mechanics of the trading. Have a good understanding of the market psychology so understand what you are talking about. Love your approach but don’t fully have it as second nature. We are very busy building final infrastructure on our family land. We moved back several years ago so we can handle 1,000 plus head of cattle easily with one responsible employee. Trade daily in the cash market swapping overvalued animals for undervalued animals (glad to share that process I think you’d get a kick out of it, its so easy a smart person can’t figure it out), we have 25 years experience buying cheap feed (not because of quality, due to timing. Inverse of selling strategies) fun stuff. We then turn this feed and our proprietary managed pasture into cattle gain. [We are] almost done and that will leave me the time (plus I’ll be bored after our systematization is complete) needed to develop our trend trading strategy. 51 yrs old. What do you recommend as the path to create trade monitoring systems, who to set up accounts with? Process to get comfortable and make the system second nature before using real capital (when the real learning begins). I want my ducks in a row. Open to all your suggestions. Nuts and bolts, monitoring record keeping etc. Hope to be able to travel more and it appears we can use this process from a computer from anywhere.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Once again greatly appreciate what you do, stay in touch.


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