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“It seems like you have been on quiet a mission these last 20 or so years…”

Feedback in:

Hey Michael,

Just writing to ask for a copy of your slides. Had not heard of you prior to the conference and only had a remote memory of being exposed to trend following as written about in Market Wizards. I feel like my mind is much more open to this trading philosophy, certainly I am ready to adopt a more price oriented approach to trading.

I bought your book and am slowly digesting the contents, there is a lot to digest. Besides the TF content, I really like all the quotes; from von Mises to M Curie… I appreciate that with looming financial market uncertainty trend following could be a very timely and rewarding endeavor..

It seems like you have been on quiet a mission these last 20 or so years; collecting trend following lore, personalities, data, philosophy, history and practice with the intent of furthering your personal understanding and seeking to educate the world. Apparently in the process you have improved the lives of a lot of people. How excellent of you..!

Thanks for having an impact on me. A trip to Saigon is in the mix for us sometime in the not so distant future (it’s important to know something will happen, the when less so), any chance we can look you up or at least seek out some venue suggestions?

Take care and sincere best wishes,


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