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“It’s been like a graduate course on investing and life…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I understand what you wrote in your short lesson emails, and from hands-on experience know that trading with a well-designed system can work.

From your emails, what stood out most, and is a clear reminder for me, is that I really need to have a standard operating procedure (SOP) for *everything* as far as any of my investing goes. In my opinion, a well-designed, and tested system has *proper* procedures for everything: instrument selection, entry, exit, position sizing, rare exogenous event procedures, hedging, and risk management that ties it all together and mathematically *guarantees* a steadily rising equity curve.

These things are *not* easy to master, and require considerable time and research to get right. I know from hands-on experience.

My wife is currently finishing a degree in Accounting here in the US. The students appear to be taught the popular dogma unfortunately…something I don’t agree with.

On a separate note. Thank you for your podcast and books. I listened so far to perhaps like 150-200 episodes. It’s been like a graduate course on investing and *life*, taught by an all-star team of professors.

All the best,


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