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“Love your [trend following] work as always…”

Feedback in:

Gday Mike, Love your work as always. I trade for a living and listen to one of your episodes each day… helps to remind me I’m not alone. I still enjoy many of the early episodes, thanks for keeping them on your website. Your ability to interview such a broad range of educated and interesting guests is your strength. Many other trading podcasts are very fixed in their thinking and do not stray from trading. I have recently spoken with Mark Sleeman. I would love to hear him on your show again. Also, I am interested to hear more from traders based in Asia and surrounds. I also trade in many Asian countries as part of my overall diversification. We never hear anything of Indonesia, or Philippines, or even Korea in the western trading media. Also, how about an episode from the Ho Chi Minh stock exchange. A history and a facts etc. Must be some price action guys over there too! Keep up the good work. Love your books and podcasts.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the advice and feedback!

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