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China and Free Markets: How Do You See It?

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I hope this emails finds you well, and that all is good in Saigon. As always feeling grateful for all the insights and content you share for FREE!

In a recent episode you mentioned China’s greatest achievements in eradicating poverty as a result of free market reforms. With the intention of thinking efficiently, this is my question to you: Do you consider China a “free market” after they arrested dozens of short sellers for shorting the Shanghai Stock Exchange?

I appreciate your answer.


China is a very big operation. I can’t define it or position it on one event. From a big macro perspective though … they would not have their success without some semblance of free markets and capitalism. You would surely agree? And beyond government, the people are with a doubt “traders”… going back centuries.

Michael Covel in China
Michael Covel in China

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