Starting New in Trend Following

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I’ve been on the front edge of the Internet age since the ’80s so I know most of this email response is automated, but just in case, is this really you, reading this personally? I have thousands of subscribers to some of my sites and even for a $6 or $24 purchase I personally respond to anyone who spends money on my products/services. Just wanted to say “hi” if you happen to do the same and actually read customer emails. I’m a 52 year old father of 8 and a long time business(es) owner searching for what I would like to do the next 20 years. After 35 years of hard work, I realize “trading time for money” is not how I want to spend the next 2-3 decades. I’ve never bought any big packages like Trend Following because 99% of “how to” stuff out there in any category (online business, real estate, MLM’s, trading, etc) is absolute worthless garbage which no doubt you already know. Reading your books is what swayed me to invest in Trend Following. Congrats on your obvious success.


Thanks! I started 1996 with a 4-page website. Old school here too – it’s me responding.

Note: His email in regards to his Flagship purchase.