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Hi Michael, thanks for sending those informative emails and the special links through to me for those podcasts… I have enjoyed listening and refreshing my memories of those discussions. You have introduced me to some fantastic minds and ideas.


I first became familiar with your writings I think in 2004, when I purchased your original version of your “Trend Followlng”. I think I was already convinced of the value of charting and trend following and wanted to steer my trading education along those lines for my “stuff the managed funds” adventure, but took a necessary (I suppose) divergence into short term trend trading/breakout strategies and the like… So many books line my shelves still. (Lessons learnt.)

More recently I have been working my way through your podcasts and have found great inspiration and a growing confidence for your philosophy and examples of successful traders and all that data.

I am really enjoying the updated version of your book “Trend Following” and “The Little Book of Trading”. I have also ordered “The Complete Turtle Trader” and “Trend Commandments” just to complete the suite and ensure a more complete knowledge base.

I think it was inevitable that I should want to buy your Flagship training course and now wish to commit fully to this plan I have for a more successful trading tour de force that will see me into my years with more healthy strategies than just a day trading hobby… As it seems to have been these last 8 years or so.

I wish to buy your Trend Following Investment Research: Flagship Package.

Would you please arrange…and include details for a bank transfer of the funds.

Many thanks

Googong, NSW

Wire details sent. Thanks for your support.

The Complete TurtleTrader
The Complete TurtleTrader