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All Forms of Government Rigged Economic Manipulation Are Gross

Economic Loser
Economic Loser

Feedback in regarding my podcast here:

I think he’s referring to that guy who wrote Chavez was great…

[David Sirota] used to have a column in one of the daily papers here in the NW. He’s been an economic kook (technical term) for decades. Seems to think that the State owes us all something. Probably didn’t pay enough attention in college and flunked Econ 101 and 102.

Look, capitalism isn’t perfect (and you correctly point out that our current “crony capitalism” is a perverse version that will lead to bad outcomes), but all you have to do is compare Singapore and Cuba from the time that both started the current regimes (mid-1950’s) and the outcomes are so startlingly different that there can be no debate about which system is better. End of rant.

Seattle, WA


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