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Expensive Lessons, But Wiser for the Experience

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Almost finished your “Trend Following” and noticed there are…[some] people having negative issues with trend following. Well, I can tell them something…

In 2006 I started with 20,000 USD, no trading training and I [took training]. The key here is that I had no trading education. In Oct 2008 I made 300,000 USD and after 7 years of trend following I turned the initial 20,000 into almost 800,000. I then thought I know how to trade and started day trading and then (as many traders before me) lost everything. I [then] came to the conclusion that I knew nothing about trading… expensive lesson for me, but I knew what was possible [with trend following].

I have for the past year gone through an extensive training process [books and a course with (name)]. I still get the [name] data every day and will soon start again. Obviously I know a lot more than before, but the important thing is that I could turn 20,000 into almost 800,000 (drawdowns, etc. included) and I made money on ONLY 35% of my trades, that is without ANY formal trading knowledge, just following the trend.

So, no one [will] tell me trend following does not work, is dead, or anything else. It is alive and well and will be forever.

Just a private experience I would like to share.

Kind regards,


Up and Down
Up and Down

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