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A Fake Price Is Still A Price

Feedback in from my assistant Michelle:

I was watching survivor last night with my mom and my mind was blown when the person who got kicked out said this:

I was very confident that whether we won or lost [the challenge] things would work out for me. I really don’t know what happened that made my tribe want to vote me out tonight. I don’t think the numbers lied to me, it’s the people that lied to me and when you count fictitious promises you get a fictitious total.

She was saying that she got kicked out because of the people, not the “numbers”, but the people are the numbers. They are who vote. Just like saying you don’t lose money because of what the market does, you lose money because of what other people do to make the market go up and down. Just trying to blame your loses on the “people” rather than “the numbers.” It’s all the same thing. The game is made up of people who make up the numbers.



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