The Trend Following Attitude

Consider this from Trend Commandments: Who will [it] reach? This book is for those kindred spirits who grasp there is no secret to trading but rather just knowledge you have not yet discovered. It is for anyone who wants to make the most money possible—without going broke or going overboard on risk. It is for investors and traders small and large, young and old, female and male–worldwide. Trend Commandments is also for anyone fascinated by how great trend traders think and act to make a fortune. If you have other reasons for reading this book, that is fine too. My words are not a set of magic rules for becoming a wealthy trend following trader with no work on your end. To achieve the pot of gold, you will need more than that.

Building on my thought, reader feedback in:

Michael, please forward me your Spinosaurus PDF to check out. I am still function at a very basic price trending level and would like to learn how the pro’s do it. Your recent podcasts have motivated me to take more responsibility for my trend following education. I am starting by working my way through your resource page, and will see how far down the rabbit hole that leads me.

Thank you for all your hard work and effort on the podcast and know that it has had a positive effect on my life.

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Thank you,