Questions: Flagship vs Standard

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Thank you for sending me the 2 DVDs which I received recently. I find the interviews and information very motivating.

I am interested to purchase the system, but would firstly like to have a better understanding of what will be included in the package. From a review of the Flagship vs Standard package there are various manuals and DVDs. My questions:

a) Is there a software program included in the package which can be used to assist in making trading decision?

b) If no software is included, will the manual teach me to develop the software program?

c) Since there are hundreds of pages in various manuals, are there standard Trend Trading templates for use?

d) From your students feedback, what is average time needed to develop a fully functional Trend Trading System.

Thank you for your time and appreciate receiving your response.


1. All decisions are derived from rules we provide. Those rules are easily understood. A computer and or third party software helps to automate, but it’s only following the decision-making of the rules. One could of course execute those rules with pencil/paper, but automation makes life easier. We help clients with third party software options/advice, but we provide the most important part of good trend following in Flagship–the logic.

2. You will not develop software. There are many third party apps, many, that you can put rules we teach into.

3. There are base/standard rules. The pages included are mostly examples, reinforcements, lessons, psych issues, etc. Not 100s of pages of rules.

4. You will have a full trend following system once you become a client. Learning can take place in as few as 6 weeks (rough guide; remember the Turtles).

There is also a comparison of the two packages here.