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Greetings Mr. Covel,

During your most recent podcast, I laughed when you said, “You are going to f***ing die,” and, “What are you going to do right now to get ahead?” These two quotes are truly inspirational. I believe that you should write a book based on these two quotes. The main title should be, “You are going to f***ing die,” and the subtitle should be, “So what are you going to do right now to get ahead?” The book should reveal everything that you have learned about succeeding financially as an entrepreneur and trend following investor in our rapidly changing global economy.

I also believe that a T-shirt with the first quote on the front and the second quote on the back is an idea that you can pursue. Before you disregard this idea as trivial, I ask you to recall the popularity of the T-shirts that each had a yellow-colored smiling face and the phrase, “Have a nice day,” printed on it.


Don’t give me another project!!

I was thinking of this song, first 50 seconds, when I said that:

This too:

Maybe this too: