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Trend Following Podcast: “More Rants Needed!”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Again, appreciate everything. You are a great teacher and mentor. I do not miss a podcast.

My only beef is a compliment. More rants needed. Your last I found very insightful. Uncorrelated returns is of particular interest because our fund has demonstrated miniscule correlation to both indexes and peers. We have run a relatively net short healthcare fund since inception 9 years ago, and have managed to survive and perform. The most difficult task has been differentiating ourselves to potential investors while the entire sector rages higher. Fortunately, the right investors have taken notice and our assets have gone from 50M to 230M in 18 months.

What I found particularly compelling and coincidental about your rant is that we were recently sought out by a huge institution looking to build a book of 10 managers with track records of double digit annual returns with little correlation. That institution is [Name] (did not hear from me). The manager discussed the strategy to us, although not as concise and eloquent as you did in 20 minutes. Would love to see that piece if you have it handy, thanks.

Also, need to make it out to Ho Chi Minh. You sell the single life out there well.


Thanks! Saigon existed in the States as a city? It would be a popular city. Most popular.

Hi Michael,

Again, your monologues are always the best. How long does it take you to put a thread like that together…I can only imagine. So worth it.

Out of all the impressive cameos on this podcast, Liz Cheval’s on 369 really resonated. To the point I want to include a piece on chrono-centricity in our July investor letter. Do you have her presentation handy? The links on your website no longer work.

Looking forward to shaking your hand some day.


My library has some unique resources in it, but until I figure the best way to deploy it I will not be much help today. Thanks for the nice words on podcast!

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