Trend Following: Follow These Steps to Start

Feedback in:

Hi Mr. Covel,

I have been trading stocks for 10 years now and after reading tons of books, among Darvas and other, I came across you and your trend following. After listening to your pod you said you have a new system called spinosaurus that I would love to try.

As a small investor, I have been looking at ETF’s that I can invest in. I have found the Hull tactical US ETF, but are there any more? I wanted to buy some of Dunn but his and several more once are just for institutions or for big money traders, and I’m not there yet.

I have a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and Bachelors in Economics and been working within the consulting business and energy [sectors]. But now I know that this (trend following) is what I want, so I wonder if you have any tips or contacts? Or maybe talk a bit about it in your pod!

Thanks for a super interesting pod and homepage!


I don’t directly promote trading managers, or follow all of their products, but there are many “names” across my books and podcast.

In terms of teaching more about trend following (your request), I do that extensively on my podcast and in my books:


Also, for those clients that want support, education and a system to trade, my Flagship offering is very popular: