Another Perspective on China: Teach Your Kids Mandarin!

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Afternoon Michael,

I have been meaning to write you for a while. Many thanks for all your suggestions…especially for the Great Wall. I returned from China approximately a month ago and I can say the experience was transformational. There is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.

Now, I have a better understanding of why you and many others have established footholds in Asia. Regardless of your view on their government, it may be the last free market in the world. In my view, the numbers reported in the financial media do not reflect the productivity and potential that I witnessed.

I’d like to believe that I am not making a hasty generalization, but I spent time in Beijing, Shanghai, Yangshuo, Guilin, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In every instance, the people regardless of their position seemed extremely open and determined. The only virulent streaks that I could find were their desire to acquire as much market share as possible.

As you know, the West is already heavily invested in China. Once the fog of propaganda is cleared about China’s potential, certain Western players will have quietly accumulated a significant portion of that market.

Some things never change. Keep it coming…


Did you hear this? I just spoke Beijing to 1100 people. Thanks for great feedback!