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Trend Following Feedback from Brazil

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I just read your book The Complete TurtleTrader and already bought the others. Starting Trend Following now. Do you have any idea when are you coming to presentations here in Brazil? I’ve been three times in USA (Miami, Orlando and California recently) for vacations and would like to attend one presentation of yours the next time. Is there a schedule somewhere?

I thank you so much for changing my way of thinking about the markets. I listened each of your episodes at least twice, some of them three or four times and I’m learning a lot with you and your guests. I even started to read a lot more because your guests are always indicating books. I read books from Schwager, Tharp, Altucher, Radge, Basso and the list goes on…

Thank you for everything and keep your awesome work going on.

All the best for you!

Thanks! Schedule? Here.

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