Connecting With Podcast Guests

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You are doing great work on with your podcast. Your podcast work is especially useful for those of us who are captivated to “do the work” to paraphrase Charles Faulkner. When we do the work we are propelled by the love of our endeavors knowing we are being rewarded daily in our craft, but also realizing as entreprenuers (and for me as a contrarian) we look to organize it in potentially economic and efficient terms. Ex: David Harding, toiling over his stats not knowing if the monetary reward would come or Pappy Van Winkle pledging to make fine bourbon even at a loss, and eventually shuttering his distillery during the bourbon drawdown of the 80s and 90s. When you interview folks like Bitcoin evangelist Andreas and negotiator Ury, these profound individuals help illuminate and clarify our thinking to refine our callings and find the inspiration to continue living the dream. In my view, your interview style is very effective in helping each mind tell their story. Andreas catapulted my consciousness into the world of cryptocurrencies, Ury gave sage advice and in two or three sentences greatly enhanced my view of my daily human interactions. Thank you, & I’ll be listening.

Thanks [Name]. Are you relatively new to it? The podcast that is?

Been rolling with the podcasts for maybe a year. Have listened to maybe 80%. I listen during commute time each day. When I am waiting for a new podcasts I relisten to the Faulkner recordings and try to heighten my insight. I keep gleaning more each time I listen to him. How can one communicate with Faulkner?

Drop him a line at his website!