Podcast Interview Ideas

Feedback in:


Many thanks for you all your podcasts. I have listen to all of them (mostly when commuting to work). Tim Ferriss was an interesting person, please have him back some time soon. I was surprised to hear that you haven’t been to Sweden, please come for a visit. It is a small country, but there are some interesting Swedes that would fit nicely to your show:

1. Prof. Hans Rosling, http://www.gapminder.org/.
2. Prof. Max Tegmark, would fit perfectly to your pod. http://space.mit.edu/home/tegmark/mathematical.html

I have some others that might fit as well, but those are my top candidates. If possible, please send the Drury BRKA Portfolio. I’m applying this to my small personal account so it would be an interesting paper for me.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the nice note and interview ideas.