Trend Following Feedback

A recent email exchange:

Listener: Hi Mike, thanks for all the great information on trend following! I am looking for some trend followers to invest with. Do you know where I can find a list to research?

Covel: I am not an agent for anyone, but you will find names across my books and podcast. A short answer yes, but most responsible one I can give in this hyper-regulated society.

Listener: I just finished The Complete TurtleTrader yesterday. This whole niche of trend following is so fascinating. Nice interview with Abraham also. Let me ask you this: what are some of the most common or best programming languages for systematic trading? I am currently in the process of putting some money in Jerry Parker’s mutual fund through Equinox.

Covel: C++ and

Listener: Cool thanks! Just to clarify: program the trading rules using C++ and the how does it link to Tradestation?

Covel: No, those are two different formats. Two different ways to code.

Listener: Understood, thanks. Hey one last question: I live in Denver and am wondering if you know of any good trend following CTA’s here? I had been the head trader at a shop where the founder closed the institutional side of the business. I am looking for a job.

Covel: Can I be blunt?

1. For job: Read first 40 pages of Seth Godin’s book ‘Linchpin‘.
2. Denver? Why in the world affix yourself to geography. Trend following is everywhere.