We Passed 300 Episodes!

Feedback in:

Hi Mike, Again, love your podcasts, congrats on passing 300 and all the success!

I’m a big fan of your work and tell everyone I know to listen/read all your books. Had a thought the other day (when I was telling a friend about your podcasts) that it might be helpful for you to sort them in some capacity–maybe create a “best of” or “most popular” section. This way people can sort them based on Mike’s favorites or most popular, etc. Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

PS: Especially like your take on psychology. A run a few businesses related to trading/investing and my primary approach is to use: “Psychological Analysis” A term I coined/use for trading/investing. Meaning most people look at fundamental or technical analysis but very few look at “Psychological Analysis” (both your own psych and the collective psychology. Available to discuss further if you have an interest.