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Ep. 281: Vineer Bhansali Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Vineer Bhansali
Vineer Bhansali

Michael Covel speaks with Vineer Bhansali on today’s podcast. Bhansali is a managing director and portfolio manager at PIMCO. His most recent book is “Tail Risk Hedging”. He has 24 years of investment experience and holds a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics from Harvard University. His new white paper is out titled “Trend Following Through The Rates Cycle”. Covel and Bhansali discuss “Trend Following Through The Rates Cycle”; trend following in the classical sense; how trend following started to become part of the discussion at PIMCO; introducing new ideas to PIMCO, corporate culture, and to clients; the three hypotheses tested in “Trend Following Through The Rates Cycle”; currency trading and trend following returns; why larger trend following shops may have trouble getting into smaller markets; trend following across a diversified portfolio and classical trend following approaches; connecting Bhansali’s hobbies to the quantitative world; structure and thinking in terms of code; imagining and building simulations; being distribution aware; and why being at all-time highs is not the time to feel satisfied. To read “Trend Following Through The Rates Cycle”, visit PIMCO.

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