Can I be a Full Time Trend Follower?

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Hi Michael and Team,

Hope everything is going well — Since starting my new job at JP Morgan in the operations sector, I have come across different sections within the company and I have recently discovered trading and the potential benefits if you follow a process.

With more research this has led me to yourself (Michael) and your Trend Following website. I have since become fascinated as to how I can become a successful trader using your guidance and knowledge, I have a full time job as I said previously, but I want more from my life rather than the ‘cubicle’ in which people seem to be content with there ‘average’ lives.

I am an ambitious 21 year old from United Kingdom — if I purchase your Trend Following Premium Flagship Systems and Training and dedicate myself to the process will this give me the information to transform myself from a complete novice with relatively small capital to becoming self sufficient and be able to work for myself.

Further questions — I can’t day trade due to working within a bank, do you believe that I can still be profitable if I have this full time job if I can work out a schedule in which to trade?

Look forward to hearing from you and keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Yes, you can. Trend following works on end of day prices and even end of week prices. One price a week? Yes, you can do it. No day trading.