Don’t Miss Out on Trend Following Radio

Trend Following Radio feedback:

Hi Michael, I have been diving into the podcasts and they are really great. You offer different perspectives but I love how you are able to keep it so relevant to trend following and life. There are so many common themes that extend to trend following and the world around us. I’ve gone through all the material in the course and I have read all your books and I use other resources to reinforce the ideas. Govopoly [by Ed Seykota] was brilliant and I’m just now digging into Super Trader by Van Tharp. I come from a background of stock trading and I want to migrate to Futures to best take advantage of the strategies. Do you have suggestions for an online broker and a platform that can somewhat automate trade signals based on set parameters? Thank you for all your work. The breadth of your knowledge and the scope of your research are game changers for traders looking to find confidence in the approach. Congratulations on your podcast success.

Drop me an email and I can give some general broker and software ideas! No great secrets out there on this front.