Sometimes All You Need is a Nudge

Helping people is what I do. A trend following student recently sent me some great feedback on my Trend Following Flagship and gave an endorsement for my Trend Following Radio podcast:

Title : Well Worth Your Time.

Michael Covel’s podcast’s title might be a little misleading. Though Michael is a strong advocate of an investment practice known as trend following, his podcast goes way beyond the narrow focus of this particular (and essential) style of trading. Michael has a knack for bringing in the most brilliant and unexpected minds, and most importantly let’s them speak. This is not your basic radio/TV-show/trendy-podcast. This is real educational and actionable (but not in a push button way) stuff. Be you a trader, someone interested in finance and markets, or as I primarily was, someone with an interest in knowledge, you won’t loose your time. By the way, as a student of your paid program last year, I have been learning a lot since (and began trading this year). Your work gave me the little nudge I needed to get started. And I’m not going back.